Racquet Stringing

Making sure you have the proper strings in your racquet is extremely important not only to your tennis game, but also to your physical well-being. Our staff members are experts on matching each individual player AND racquet to the proper string. We keep a record of every racquet we string per customer, so when deciding on a string, we are happy to look up your history to check the string type and tension of your past racquets. 


It is essential to get your racquets restrung regularly, not just when a string breaks, in order to maintain the proper string tension. We carry a multitude of different brands of string, as well as different types, thicknesses, and colors. We also offer stringing to those who wish to bring in their own strings.

Prices vary based on string.  

Demo Program


We have a wide range of Tennis and Pickleball Demos from the following brands:

     *Babolat Tennis             *Engage Pickleball

     *Head  Tennis                *Head Pickleball

     *Wilson Tennis              *Wilson Pickleball

     *Yonex Tennis

We provide professional advice on choosing the demos that best suit your style of play.  We will work with you to find your perfect racquet. The demo fee of $10 for 3 days or $25 for 7 days is applied toward the purchase of your new racquet.


Team Orders

Are you looking for a team uniform?  Let us help you!  We offer a variety of brands at discounted prices for teams who want to look their best.  Call us or come in to hear more about our Team Order discounts.