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Tennis Racquet Stringing

Making sure you have the proper strings in your racquet is extremely important to your tennis game. We match each individual player AND racquet to the proper string. Strings are meant to enhance your playing ability. Higher string tensions generally result in more control, while lower string tensions generally result in more power.

In order to maintain the proper string tension, it is essential to have your racquets restrung based on your frequency and intensity of play. The general rule of thumb is how often you’re playing per week, is usually how often you should get your racquet restrung per year.

We carry a wide range of different brands of string, as well as different types (polyester, natural gut, multi-filament, etc.) thicknesses (gauge sizes), and colors. We also offer stringing services to those who wish to bring in their own string. Guaranteed 24-hour turn-around!

Prices vary based on string selection.

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